Time to celebrate

The 70th anniversary of Asuntosäätiö comes at an opportune moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has strongly emphasised the importance of home. This year, we celebrate not only Asuntosäätiö but, above all else, Finnish homes and the comforting, safe daily life and sense of community that our homes and neighbourhoods offer us.  

Having your entire neighbourhood feel like home makes your life richer, safer and happier. That is why we want to build diverse living environments and, instead of simply offering four walls and a roof, provide homes that are full of life.  

Building sustainable neighbourhoods and happy homes requires cooperation. Since the first days of Asuntosäätiö, we have always worked together with residents in promoting better living and housing. While our operational methods have changed over the decades, we have always understood the importance of working together.  

The dream that was born in the garden district of Tapiola decades ago still breathes whenever a new door is opened. I hope that this event, whether you’re planning a community work party, a garden party or a singalong, will result in new friendships and a positive atmosphere in your building.  

The world around us is changing, but one thing remains: home is the most important to us. 

Esa Kankainen 
Managing Director 


A wonderful home for everyone 

After the war, Finland struggled with a severe housing shortage that particularly affected families with children. It was difficult to find any kind of housing, not to mention a home that would offer children the right kind of environment for growth and development. In 1951, six civic organisations (Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland; the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare; the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities; Finnish Tenants, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK); and the then-Union of Civil Servants) established Asuntosäätiö to solve these issues.  

Soon, a next-generation living environment, the garden district of Tapiola, started to emerge from the country parish of Espoo. The goal was to set up an ideal community, combining the best sides of urban life and the countryside. “Experts in home economics and homemakers” were invited to participate in the housing design. The housing was designed and equipped with innovative solutions, and large windows, balconies and gardens created a natural feel.  

Soon, Asuntosäätiö expanded its operations to Rovaniemi, Espoo’s Soukka, Jyväskylä and, later, all around Finland. The innovative work for new types of housing continued and the first right-of-occupancy housing in Finland was completed in Sudentie, Rovaniemi, in 1971.  

Over the decades, Asuntosäätiö has offered a home to hundreds of thousands of Finns, and several generations have played in our gardens. Everyone is entitled to a happy home and quality housing – now and in the future. 



35,000 residents

ranging from infants
to pensioners 

17,581 homes

16,572 right-of-occupancy homes,
1,009 rental homes 

31 localities

from Hamina to Rovaniemi and from Tampere to Joensuu 


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