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Terms of use of Kotikulma extranet

These terms of use apply to the use of the extranet for residents maintained by Asuntosäätiö sr (hereinafter “Asuntosäätiö”) and the services it contains at
By using this extranet and its services, you undertake to comply with these terms of use. You cannot use the site unless you accept these terms of use.

1. Responsibility of Asuntosäätiö

The content and services of the extranet are provided on an “as is” basis. Asuntosäätiö strives to ensure that the information concerning the extranet and its services are accurate and up to date, but it cannot guarantee that the information is always accurate, reliable, up to date and faultless.

Asuntosäätiö also cannot guarantee that the extranet always works without interruption and faultlessly or that the site and services are available at all times.

Asuntosäätiö is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, such as loss of profit or business interruption, caused by a service offered on its extranet, by service interruption or by erroneous information on the extranet, even if it had been notified of the possibility of such damage.

2. Responsibility of user

Any user of Asuntosäätiö’s website must ensure that their use of the website and services complies with the law and good practice and does not cause disturbance or strain to the site or Asuntosäätiö. Should the user not comply with this requirement, Asuntosäätiö has the right to immediately and without prior notice interrupt or prevent service use.

The user is responsible for keeping secret any user credentials required by a service on the extranet and for the use of such credentials. The user must keep their credentials safe from unauthorised use. If the user credentials are lost, the user must immediately notify Asuntosäätiö by email at The owner of the user credentials is responsible for any use of the site with their credentials until Asuntosäätiö has received notification about the credentials being lost or falling into unauthorised hands.
Asuntosäätiö is not liable for any damage caused by the user’s negligence in safekeeping the credentials or by the credentials falling into the hands of third parties. The user of the extranet or its services is liable to compensate Asuntosäätiö and any other parties for damages resulting from the user’s wrongdoing, illegal action or behaviour in breach of the contract

3. Copyright and other intellectual property rights

Asuntosäätiö has copyright and other intellectual property rights to all the content and material published on the extranet, with the exception of any services produced by third parties that have been linked to the site. Asuntosäätiö reserves all copyright and other intellectual property rights to the material published on the site and in its services.

The material published on the extranet and in its services can be browsed and copied by printing or downloading the file to the user’s own device. The material can also be shared on premises owned by Asuntosäätiö.

However, copies or parts thereof cannot be sold or distributed electronically or in paper format for commercial purposes, nor can the content of the extranet or material on it be edited or combined with other material or websites. Asuntosäätiö news items can be published in the media, provided that the source is mentioned. Permission to use images must be requested from

It is prohibited to use all other content and material on the extranet, as well as copy, distribute or store it without advance written permission from Asuntosäätiö.

4. Links and third-party content

The extranet and its services may contain links to websites and services owned or maintained by third parties (e.g., rescue plan). Such links are services that have simply been made accessible to the users, and Asuntosäätiö is not responsible for the sites or their services, nor of the site content or the accuracy of the content, or of the legality of the processing of personal data collected on the sites.
The use of third-party content is subject to the terms of use and other conditions specified by the third party. When moving to such sites, the user must read and accept any terms of use for the site before using it.

5. Personal data

The extranet may contain services that require the processing of personal data. Personal data are primarily collected from users themselves, as well as from, for example, the credit register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the population information system of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Personal data are used, for example, to take care of customer relationships, for customer satisfaction and other surveys, as well as for customer communication and direct marketing.

By using this site, you accept that you use your real name in your publications (discussions and bulletins).

6. Authentication service

The first time the user logs into the extranet, they must identify themselves using strong authentication. Strong authentication means that the user’s identity is authenticated through the use of online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

The authentication will be handled through the OP Identity Service Broker. The service is part of the Finnish trust network and is based on the OIDC protocol. The service only processes Finnish authentication credentials. The service conforms to Regulation 72 issued by Traficom concerning electronic identification and trust services. Further information about the OP authentication service is available at:

7. Contact point as specified in section 190 of the Information Society Code

The contact information for the contact point specified in the Information Society Code (917/2019) for electronic or written notifications and pleas is as follows:

Asuntosäätiö-konserni / Tietosuoja
Tuulikuja 2, FI-02100 Espoo

1) The notification must include the following information:

2) The name and contact details of the person submitting the notification;

3) An itemised description of the material that infringes copyright or a neighbouring right and the access of which is requested to be prevented, as well as a description of the location of the material ;

4) Confirmation by the notifying party that the material which the request concerns has, to the sincere knowledge of the party, been illegally made available in the communications network;

5) A statement that the notifying party has unsuccessfully presented their demand to the content provider or that the content provider could not be identified;

6) Assurance by the notifying party that they are the holder of the copyright or neighbouring right or otherwise entitled to act on behalf of the rightsholder;

7) The signature of the notifying party.

8. Cookies

Asuntosäätiö uses temporary cookies on its extranet. A cookie is a small file that is placed on the user’s computer so that the online service can maintain the session during the visit. The cookies cannot be used to identify an individual user nor do they provide a way to examine data on the user’s hard drive.

9. Submitting material

By submitting material to Asuntosäätiö, for example, by email or via web pages, the user accepts and confirms that they have the right to submit the material to Asuntosäätiö and that Asuntosäätiö has the right to freely use the material without separate compensation to the sender or a third party. The user also confirms that the material is not illegal, does not violate good practice and is not in any other way unfit for publication. In addition, the user confirms that they have taken reasonable measures to identify and remove any viruses or other harmful or destructive properties in the material before submitting it. The user accepts that Asuntosäätiö has full right to freely use and hand over the material as well as any ideas, concepts, competence and technology revealed in the material for the purpose it chooses.

Asuntosäätiö is not responsible for the content of material submitted by the website users. Asuntosäätiö may, at its discretion, remove the material submitted by users from its pages at any time.

10. Applicable law

The extranet and its services are designed for use in Finland.

The use of the extranet and its services will always be governed by the laws of Finland, irrespective of the country in which the site or its services are used.

11. Right to amendments

Asuntosäätiö has the right to amend these terms of use, the content, layout and availability of its extranet and the services included in it and the device requirements for using its extranet, as well as prevent access to its extranet or close it without advance notice.
Asuntosäätiö also has the right, at any time, to stop publishing its extranet or providing services on it as well as prevent their use temporarily or permanently without a specific reason.