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Espoo, , m2,

Apartment info

Housing costs

Prices are estimates for now.

  • Water fee/person/month

Apartment basic info

  • Housing type
    Apartment house
  • Own sauna
  • Elevator
  • Estimated completion date
    Available now
  • Pets

Extra info

Smoking in our apartments

It has been a long-term policy of ours to make all of our new residential properties completely non-smoking. We are gradually making all of our apartments non-smoking; the agreements of new residents will forbid smoking in the apartments and on the balconies from 1 January 2021 onwards. The property may not be completely non-smoking due to other apartments that may be subject to old agreements with no smoking prohibitions.

Basic house info

  • Form of housing Rental home
  • Elevators No
  • House sauna No
  • Pets Allowed

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