Most of our rental homes are located in the Helsinki Capital Region, but we also have rental homes in many places around Finland. Some of our rental homes are non-subsidised and some are interest-subsidised apartments.

Non-subsidised rental homes
  • No wealth limits have been set for non-subsidised rental homes, which makes them perfect for everyone.
  • We also rent non-subsidised rental apartments to businesses as company-owned apartments.

Interest-subsidised rental homes
  • Our resident allocation for interest-subsidised homes follows the criteria set by the Finnish Government on the wealth, housing needs and income of the household applying for the home. If you are applying for an interest-subsidised apartment, you may be requested to provide a statement regarding the aforementioned matters.
  • You can see the wealth limits here (page only in Finnish).
  • We take into account the applicant’s wealth at the moment of application, which is carried at fair value, i.e. the probable sale price. The total amount of debt of the applicant household is subtracted from their wealth. Properties or owner-occupied apartments owned by the applicant are included in wealth. The applicant must attach a reliable assessment of their wealth to the application. The assessment can be provided by a real estate agent, property manager or building inspector, for example. Regarding listed shares and funds, the listed value at the moment of application is taken into account.
  • Our interest-subsidised rental apartments are located in Espoo, Vantaa and Tuusula.
    • You can see these apartments in apartmet search (in Finnish), by selecting in the check box “Näytä: vain korkotuetut kohteet”.
    • All home descriptions also mention whether the home in question is interest-subsidised (korkotuettu) or not (pages are in Finnish). 
  • Please note that the number of vacant homes is usually low due to high demand.

Applying for a rental home

  1. Explore our available and soon-to-be available rental homes on the search page (only in Finnish).
  2. Fill out the electronic rental application. Please note that you need to provide your social security number to apply. 
  • You may also apply for homes that are currently unavailable. In such cases, your application will stay in queue for the home in question.
  • The application is valid for three (3) months. Editing a submitted application is not possible, but you can always submit a new one to replace the previous application.
  1. When a home that matches your criteria becomes available or will soon be available, we will contact you by phone or email.
  • If you have applied for a home with wealth limits, we will request the required attachments to the rental application when sending you the rental offer. 
  1. After being offered a home, you have the opportunity to visit and view the home. The viewing is always agreed upon in advance.
  2. The agreement can be signed at the office of Asuntosäätiö in Espoo or electronically by using electronic banking personal identity codes.
  • A collateral worth one (1) month’s rent must be paid approximately one (1) week before the rental agreement begins.
  • The resident is obligated to sign an electricity contract and take out home insurance for their home.

Termination of rental apartment

  • Our rental homes have a notice period of one (1) month. The period begins on the last day of the month in which the resident submitted their termination notice.
  • The notice of termination must be delivered to Asuntosäätiö in writing by mail or email. 
  • If the agreement has been signed by two people, both must sign the notice of termination. 
  • After receiving the notice of termination, we send the resident instructions on moving out.