New apartments will be ready this Fall – apply now!

Welcome to a showing of a model apartment (3 br, 83 m2) on June 2nd, June 15th and August 8th at 16.30-17.30. The address is Kirstinharju 2 B 40, 02706 Espoo (1st floor).

Our new apartment building, Kirstinharju 2, is being constructed to the evolving Suvela, in the City of Espoo. This cozy residental area has an excellent location: there is a wide range of services in the area, and since the area is located just south of Turunväylä, it has good transport connections, whether you use bus, train or your own car. Many day-to-day services and restaurants can be found in the Shopping Centre Entresse and Espoontori, which are just a walking distance away. There are also schools and several kindergartens nearby.
The new homes will be ready during this Fall, and you can apply for the apartments nowThe sizes of these apartments vary from 32 m2 studios to 85 m2  four-bedroom family homes.

See details of available apartments and submit your application 


Kirstinharju 2 in short

  • 25 M internet connection is included as part of the apartment's monthly fee.
  • The apartments have glazed balconies.
  • There are apartment-specific storage units in the building.
  • There are 46 parking spaces in the underground parking garage.
  • Pets are welcome!
  • Brocuhre (pdf, in Finnish) >>

These are right-of-occupancy apartments – what does it mean?

  • Right-of-occupancy housing is a mix between rental and home ownership. It is an easy way to have an affordable, permanent home.
  • Right-of-occupancy dwellings are financed with state support.
  • When you sign a right-of-occupancy contract, you make a right-of-occupancy payment to Asuntosäätiö, which is only 15 % of the purchase value of the apartment. This is called the right-of-occupancy fee. In addition, you will pay a monthly residence charge, which is similar to rent, but lower than the market rent level.
  • A right-of-occupancy contract is accepted as collateral for a loan, and the interest on the loan is tax deductible. It is also possible to receive Kela’s housing allowance for living.
  • The apartment cannot be redeemed, but you have a permanent right to live in it. If you want to move out, the term of notice is three months. When you move out, your original right-of-occupancy fee will be returned to you, adjusted with the building cost index. 
  • You can apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment if you are over 18 years old. There is no income limit, but the condition for receiving a right-of-occupancy apartment is that you don't own a home of the size you need in the same area or don't have the means to purchase one. This wealth limit does not apply to people aged 55 and older. 
  • In order to obtain a right-of-occupancy apartment, you must hold a queue number for the application area. See instructions later on this page.

Building information

Location Kirstinharju 2, 02760 Espoo
(see on map >
Average original right-of-occupancy fee 649,43 €/jm(granulated square meter) 
Water fee / person / month 18 € 
Parking fee / month 60 € (garage) 
Construction year 2022 (Fall) 
Building count
 Apartment count 68
  Apartment types  studio, 1 br, 2 br, 3 br, 4 br
  Apartment sizes 32,0–85 m2
Public spaces house sauna, laundry room, drying room, outdoor equipment and stroller storage, shared living and playground area on the yard
Parking 46 parking spaces in underground parking garage
Energy rating B 2018 
TV-antenna system Cable, DNA 
Broadband DNA 25 Mb/s connection is included in the monthly fee. 
Home insurance Required 
Heating District heating 
Smoking No smoking*

*) Smoking in our apartments: It has been a long-term policy of Asuntosäätiö to make all of its new residential properties completely non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments and on the balconies of new residential properties. 

How to apply?

  1. Apply for a queue number

    To get a right-of-occupancy apartment, you need to apply to the municipal housing authority for a queue number. The application form for a queue number to Helsinki region is available here >>  If you need help applying for the queue number, please contact the Housing Services/City of Helsinki, tel. 09 310 13032 (Mon–Thu 9–11).
  2. Fill in and send apartment application

    After getting the right-of-occupancy queue number it is possible to send your application. First choose the apartments to your application (these pages are only in Finnish).You can add apartments to your application by clicking "Lisää hakemukseen" -button. When you have chosen all the apartments you want to apply for, open the application to fill in the needed information. Note that you need a Finnish personal identity code to apply.
  3. Wait for a housing offer

    Once you have submitted your application to us, please wait for our housing offer. If you are offered an apartment and are interested in it, you can accept the offer without being bound to purchase the apartment. If you have the lowest queue number among the interested applicants, we will contact you and reserve the apartment for you.
    If multiple people have applied for the same apartment, we will send the housing offer to the applicants with the lowest queue number. The right-of-occupancy will be granted to the applicant with the lowest queue number, who has accepted the offer.
  4. Provide the necessary documents

    Before signing the contract, you have to submit a pre-filled tax return and any other necessary information on your assets.
  5. Sign the contract and pay the right-of-occupancy fee

    Next you will sign a contract with Asuntosäätiö. A right-of-occupancy fee must be paid for the apartment, amounting to 15 % of the apartment’s original value. In addition to this fee, you will also pay a monthly maintenance charge similar to rent.


Please contact us, we will be happy to tell you more:

Päivi Tulokas
Tuulikuja 2, 02100 Espoo
tel. 0201612400

Raija Kallasaari
Tuulikuja 2, 02100 Espoo
tel. 0201612481

For more information please contact:

Päivi Tulokas
Tuulikuja 2, 02100 Espoo
tel. 0201612400

Raija Kallasaari
Tuulikuja 2, 02100 Espoo
tel. 0201612481


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