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Asuntosäätiö’s new properties

Would you like to be first resident in your home? Asuntosäätiö offers brand new homes for all tastes – right-of-occupancy, rental or owner-occupied.

Asuntosäätiö’s objective is to begin construction projects on approximately 400 new homes every year. The application process for new right-of-occupancy homes starts approximately 1–1.5 years before the completion of the building, and the application process for new rental homes starts approximately 3 months before the completion of the building. The best way to find out when you can start applying for your new home is to sign up to our mailing list for new properties (in Finnish) at the bottom of the page.

New properties for sale and for rent

New properties under planning and construction

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Jyväskylä, Kangasrinne, Huhta 5 C | Asokoti

Kangasala, Lamminrahka, Mossin puistokatu 26  |  Asokoti

Esittelemme Lamminrahkan rakenteilla olevaa uudiskohdettamme Lamminrahkan Katufiestassa lauantaina 2.9. klo 10-15. Tervetuloa tutustumaan ja kysymään lisää!

Helsinki, Jätkäsaari, Atlantinkatu 8 | Asokoti

Espoo, Finnoo, Hannuksenkuja 17 | Vuokrakoti

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