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Frequently asked questions

My agreement forbids smoking on the balcony. Why does my neighbour get to smoke on their balcony?

All of our new buildings are completely non-smoking. In older buildings, the smoking prohibition has been added to the new right-of-occupancy and lease agreements concluded on 1 January 2021 or later. If your neighbour’s agreement has started earlier, their agreement does not include the smoking prohibition and they are, therefore, allowed to smoke on their balcony.

Am I allowed to grill in the yard or on the balcony?

You can cook with a gas, charcoal or electric grill in your private yard. Instead, for safety reasons, only the use of an electric grill is allowed on the balconies.

My neighbour causes disturbances. What can I do?

If your neighbour repeatedly causes noise disturbances at inappropriate times of the day, you could first try talking about it with the neighbour in question. If the neighbour does not change their behaviour after your talk, report the disturbance to us. Residents of right-of-occupancy homes can report disturbances in Kotikulma. If you live in a rental apartment, please contact the Help centre.

If the disturbance is of a serious nature, do not take action yourself but contact the police instead. The police can be reached through the general emergency number 112.

How can I take part in resident activities?

If you are interested in joining resident activities in your building, contact either the property manager or the residents’ committee.

Do you reward long-term residents in any way?

We reward the residents of our right-of-occupancy and rental homes for long-term tenancy.

All Asuntosäätiö residents also have access to several customer benefits, which they can use at any point of their tenancy.

Can I rent out my right-of-occupancy home?

Holders of the right-of-occupancy can give their home to another person for temporary use but for no more than two years. There must be a justified reason for renting out the home, such as a temporary stay in another locality due to work, studies or other similar reason. While rented out, the apartment is still under the responsibility of the holder of the right-of-occupancy. Fill out a notice of temporary rental at Kotikulma (in Finnish) no later than 1 month before the start of the rental.

Can I exchange my right-of-occupancy home for another right-of-occupancy home?

You can exchange right-of-occupancy homes by finding an exchange partner for a mutual exchange or by applying for another right-of-occupancy home with a new queue number. You can use our apartment exchange service to find a suitable exchange partner. Please notice that the service is in Finnish. Read more about exchanging right-of-occupancy homes.