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Customer benefits and additional services

We offer our residents additional services and customer benefits that increase the comfort of living and brighten up your leisure time.

Customer benefits

The customer benefits are valid for one year at a time. Depending on the benefit, you can use it with a benefit code or by presenting your customer benefit card to the salesperson. Further instructions can be found under each benefit.

Additional services

Our additional services include, for example, internet connection, a paint package, and the possibility to purchase an electric car charging station.

See our customer benefits:

Storage space from Cityvarasto

Accommodation in Vierumäki

E-books and audiobooks from Nextory

Delivery van PakuOvelle

Digital Dogsitter service

DTM Ltd Nykykaihdin offers several products at a special price

Lainalaatikko offers help for moving

Product offers and special prices from Gigantti

Interior design benefits from K-Rauta Vantaanportti

Moving boxes from Opiskelijamuutot

ONNI home cleaning

Viking Line cruises

Balcony blinds from Suomen Parvekekaihdin Oy

Balcony glazing from Lumon for a special price

Vertaa Ensin helps you with finding an electricity contract