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Checklist when moving out

The checklist for moving out contains the most important things to keep in mind when moving out of a right-of-occupancy or rental home.

When moving out from a right-of-occupancy or rental home

Terminating a right-of-occupancy agreement

The period of notice for terminating the right-of-occupancy agreement is three months to the day. The time of termination is calculated from the day on which we receive your notice.

The termination has to be made in writing using Asuntosäätiö’s termination of agreement form. You can submit your termination of agreement electronically in Kotikulma (in Finnish) or by printing out a termination of agreement form (in Finnish) which you can return to your sales negotiator. We will send you a confirmation within a week.

Please note that receipts for refundable alterations carried out after 1 January 2021 must be submitted within six months of the alteration being carried out for the refund to be paid when you move out. If you have carried out alterations before this, the receipts must have been submitted to us by the end of 2021.

Return the original right-of-occupancy agreement to us before the end of the period of termination of agreement. If the right-of-occupancy agreement has been pledged to the bank as collateral for the loan, we can get the agreement directly from the bank.

Terminating a rental agreement

The period of notice of rental agreements is one calendar month. The period begins on the last day of the month in which termination occurred (for example, if notice was given on February 10th, the rental agreement ends on March 31st).

Move-out inspection

We will carry out a move-out inspection in your right-of-occupancy home during the surrender period and in your rental home after the period of notice. You can be present during the inspection if you wish.

We will also send you a moving-out inspection form where you can fill in your own observations and pictures of the condition of the apartment before you move out.

Final cleaning before moving out

When moving out, you are responsible for doing a final cleaning so that the new residents can move into a clean home. If you do not carry out the final cleaning or the level of the cleaning does not meet the criteria for a normal final cleaning, we will carry out the cleaning with a cleaning service. In this case, we will also deduct the costs incurred either from the security deposit and/or the right-of-occupancy payment.

Please remember to dispose furniture and hazardous waste properly. The waste disposal unit of the house is only for household waste.

Checklist for final cleaning

Overall apartment

  • Empty the apartment and storage space of all items.
  • Vacuum and clean all floor surfaces as required by the floor material.
  • Remove excessive stickers or other materials from doors, door frames and walls.
  • Clean household appliances from dust and dirt stains.
  • Wipe dirt off from the ventilation valves.
  • Clean the balcony and remove excessive planting boxes, furniture, and other items.


  • Empty the kitchen cabinets and wipe them clean of dirt stains inside and out.
  • Clean the sink and the kitchen tiles.
  • Clean the kitchen hood and wash the kitchen hood filter as well.
  • Clean the stove and the stove’s background.
  • Wipe the refrigerator and defrost the freezer.

Bathroom, toilet and sauna

  • Wash the basins and the toilet seats.
  • Wipe the tiles clean.
  • Clean floor drains of visible dirt and the manhole cover on both sides.
  • If the apartments has a sauna, wash the benches with sauna cleaner.

Refund of the right-of-occupancy payment

When we receive a notice of surrender of a right-of-occupancy home, we check the index for the date on which the first right-of-occupancy payment for the apartment was made and compare it to the index for the date on which the notice of surrender was submitted. The change in the index will be added to the original right-of-occupancy payment.

We also include any refundable alterations to the apartment in the refunded right-of-occupancy payment.

We will refund the payment once your agreement has ended.

Terminating other agreements

Remember to terminate or transfer any agreements related to your home, such as an electricity contract, home insurance and broadband connection. However, keep your electricity contract valid until the end of the contract. Also, do not turn off the home electricity out of the main switch when moving out.

Terminate also parking spaces and sauna shifts by contacting a service and/or parking company.

Returning the keys

When you give the notice on the apartment, you will receive instructions for returning the keys.

Alterations made in a right-of-occupancy apartment

If you have purchased home appliances (as refundable alterations), the appliances must be left in place, and you must make sure they are working and that they are correctly installed. If you have your own appliance (a non-refundable alteration), such as a dishwasher, that you are taking with you when moving out, make sure that the drain and inlet water connections are plugged carefully when removing the machine.

Blinds must be left in place.

Plantings, additional fences, and tiling made in the yard or terrace must be left in place or the area must be restored to its original condition. For example, if you are removing a shrub, you will need to fill the pit as well as replant the lawn.

If you have installed any additional antennas, remove them, and replace the mounting holes. Paint the wall in its original condition if necessary.

Frequently asked questions when moving out

How long is the period of notice for apartments?

The period of notice for right-of-occupancy homes is defined in the Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act and is always three months. The period of notice begins on the day on which the notice of surrender has been submitted to Asuntosäätiö.

The period of notice for Asuntosäätiö’s rental homes is one calendar month, which is calculated from the last day of the month in which the notice was submitted.

How do I give a notice of my apartment?

If you live in a right-of-occupancy home, submit your notice of surrender electronically in Kotikulma (in Finnish) or by printing out a surrender form (in Finnish) which you return to the agent.

Rental agreements are terminated with an electronic notice.

If you are renting a right-of-occupancy home, submit your notice using the electronic notice of termination in Kotikulma (in Finnish).

When is the security deposit returned?

We will return the security deposit two weeks from the termination of the agreement. Deductions can be made of the security deposit if, for example, the resident has failed to do the final cleaning or has lost keys to the apartment.

I am moving out of my right-of-occupancy home. How can I find out the amount of the right-of-occupancy payment refunded to me?

When you give up your right-of-occupancy home, we will take into account the building cost index and any refundable alterations you have made to the apartment in the amount refunded to you. We will compare the building cost index valid on the date on which you submitted the notice of surrender to the index valid on the date of the first right-of-occupancy payment. Statistics Finland updates the building cost index monthly around the middle of the month.