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Resident activities

Would you like to have a planting box in your garden or to organise a garden party with your neighbours? Would you like to better understand what is going on in your building? Resident activities offer you the opportunity to influence things in your building.

Influence matters in your building through resident activities

Resident activities can take the form best suited to you and your neighbours, and all residents can participate in the activities, if they wish. It is also recommended to appoint a residents’ committee as a communication channel between the residents and Asuntosäätiö. In right-of-occupancy homes and state-subsidised rental homes the property manager convenes the annual resident meeting in which the residents’ committee is usually appointed.

Benefits of resident activities:

  • Activates and encourages residents to handle things affecting everyone
  • Improves the comfort of living and sense of community
  • Increases awareness of matters related to your own building
  • Prevents incidents, such as vandalism and disturbance in the building
  • Inspires joint activities among residents, such as garden work or clubs
  • Improves the flow of information and trust between residents and Asuntosäätiö

Further information about resident activities in right-of-occupancy homes can be found in Kotikulma (in Finnish).

The property manager can provide further information about resident activities in your building. Contact details for your building.

Residential democracy

The Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings lays down provisions on right-of-occupancy homes and state-subsidised rental homes (“ARA homes”) which aim to offer residents decision-making power and opportunities to influence matters related to their homes.

The residential democracy provided for in the Act enables residents to be active in various bodies, participate in preparations and state their opinion on matters such as the budget proposal, the long-term repair plan and the content of the maintenance agreement.

Further information about residential democracy is available on the ARA website (in Finnish).

Regional and national resident activities in right-of-occupancy homes

The chairs of regional right-of-occupancy residents’ committees convene once a year. In addition, a right-of-occupancy forum for residents and Asuntosäätiö is organised at least once a year. The participants are elected in the meeting of the chairs of committees. Asuntosäätiö also has a working group for development matters, and the board of Asuntosäätiön Asumisoikeus Ltd includes two residents as members.