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Find a happy home with us.

We offer homes in over 30 cities in Finland.

Do you have an issue with your apartment or the building? Service Centre provides 24/7 service to our residents

Right-of-occupancy residents

09 4246 9333

Residents of rental homes

09 4246 9339

No service fees will be charged for the call.

The advantages of right-of-occupancy

  • Reasonably priced form of living
  • Permanent home
  • Risk-free investment
  • Adapts to your life situation
  • Convenient for residents
  • Services and benefits for our residents

Are you looking for a reasonably priced home in a new property?

Asuntosäätiö aims to start building about 400 new homes each year. Asuntosäätiö offers both right-of-occupancy homes and rental homes in new properties. Join our email mailing list at the link below to learn more about the new house you’re interested in.

Asuntosäätiö – Developer of the construction sector and housing

Asuntosäätiö is one of the largest domestic owners of residential property in Finland. We offer around 18,000 homes in 32 municipalities all around Finland. Our apartments are home to some 35,000 people.
Most of our apartments are right-of-occupancy homes, but we also offer rental and owner-occupied homes. Every year, we begin construction projects on approximately 400 new homes.

Home has a significant impact on the happiness of Finns

According to Asuntosäätiö’s Happiness at Home survey, home has the greatest impact on the happiness of Finns, alongside health and relationships.