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We want to ensure that living with Asuntosäätiö is as carefree as possible. On these pages you will find information on home maintenance, renovation, relocation, resident activities and customer benefits.

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Benefits for you

As a resident of Asuntosäätiö, you get a number of additional services and value-for-money benefits that make your living and everyday life easier.


How can I make a fault report?

You can make a fault report by calling the Service Center, which is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you live in a right-of-occupancy home, you can also file a fault report at Kotikulma (in Finnish). In urgent cases, it is always better to report a fault by telephone.

Residents of right-of-occupancy homes: tel. 09 4246 9333
Residents of rental homes: tel. 09 4246 9339

Can I exchange my right-of-occupancy home to another right-of-occupancy home?

You can exchange your apartment for another, either by looking for an exchange partner, or by applying for another apartment with a new serial number. Learn more about exchanging your home.

Can I rent out my right-of-occupancy apartment?

The holder of the right-of-occupancy may temporarily lease his or her right-of-occupancy home to another resident for a maximum of two years. There must be a valid reason for renting, for example, a temporary stay in another place for work, study or other similar reason. During the rental period, the holder of the right-of-occupancy is responsible for the apartment.

How can I join the resident activities?

If you are interested in participating in your house’s residents’ activities, feel free to contact either the property manager or your house’s potential residents’ committee.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

All of our new residential properties will be completely non-smoking. In older residential premises, the smoking prohibition has been added to new right-of-occupancy and lease agreements concluded on 1 January 2021 or later.

Contact us!

Asuntosäätiö's service number

+358 94246 9333

We help in all matters related to housing and applying for an apartment on weekdays from 9 am to 1 pm. In matters related to fault reports, you can contact us 24/7.