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Privacy policy and terms of use

The data protection of our customers and other stakeholders is very important to us. This page describes the terms of use for Asuntosäätiö and its online service, as well as the personal data files.

Asuntosäätiö’s privacy policy

Asuntosäätiö’s privacy policy defines the principles of data protection approved by Asuntosäätiö group regarding the processing of personal data of its customers, cooperation partners and other stakeholders, employees and job applicants. With our privacy policy and the guidelines derived from it, we strive to ensure that we process personal data in compliance with legislation and offer the appropriate level of data protection.

Use of personal data

Asuntosäätiö group also constructs, maintains and sells apartments and right-of-occupancy homes as well as offers rental apartments. The processing of personal data is a necessary part of these operating processes. Asuntosäätiö group comprises several subsidiaries, which also process personal data. Personal data are processed in compliance with Asuntosäätiö’s privacy policy and guidelines as well as data protection legislation.

Personal data are collected from customers who voluntarily provide their data to the subsidiaries of Asuntosäätiö group. In addition, personal data are collected from the credit register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the population information system of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Some of the services require users to register, and the data provided in this connection then form part of the customer register. Customer registers are used to maintain and handle customer relationships, to carry out customer surveys and to organise direct marketing concerning Asuntosäätiö group. Personal data are not disclosed to third parties.

Asuntosäätiö group has outsourced some of its services. The provision of these services is based on an agreement that allows the use of customer registers in operating processes related to the services. Such service providers include companies in charge of key orders and storage, contractors, the Help centre, maintenance companies and building management companies, as well as real estate agents brokering apartments.

We process personal data only to the extent necessary to perform the tasks defined for the personal data file in question. We process personal data, for example, to perform services and deliver orders, as well as to improve the service experience of users by personalising customer service (news content and personal offers) and targeting digital advertising, among other things.

Asuntosäätiö group processes personal data carefully and in compliance with the law, following good personal data processing practice and ensuring in every possible way that the privacy of the data subject is not compromised.

Under personal data legislation, individuals have the right to access their stored personal data. To request to review data please contact our data protection officer at

Customers have the right to request the rectification, erasure or completion of their personal data in the data file that are inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or unnecessary for the purpose of processing. The rectification request must be submitted to customer service at one of Asuntosäätiö’s offices or to the service provider’s sales office.

Customers have the right to prohibit Asuntosäätiö group from using their personal data for direct marketing. By prohibiting direct marketing, the customer acknowledges that this means they will not receive offers from Asuntosäätiö concerning services designed for them. A previously granted permission for direct marketing can be cancelled by sending a notification by email to

Privacy statements

Terms of use for online services

Terms of use for the online service

By using Asuntosäätiö’s website and its services, you undertake to comply with these terms of use.

The website is intended for the private, not commercial, use of Asuntosäätiö’s customers and stakeholders.

Responsibility of user

Website users must keep their credentials (for editing apartment application) safe from unauthorised use. Any user who loses their credentials must immediately notify Asuntosäätiö of this by email at The owner of the user credentials is responsible for any use of the site with their credentials until Asuntosäätiö has received notification about the credentials falling into unauthorised hands.

The website user is liable to compensate Asuntosäätiö and any other parties for damages resulting from the user’s wrongdoing, illegal action or behaviour in breach of the contract.


The content of Asuntosäätiö’s website is protected under the Copyright Act. Asuntosäätiö holds the copyright to all of the website content, excluding the services linked to the site which are provided by third parties, such as the map service. It is prohibited to copy, distribute or store the website content or parts thereof without advance written permission from Asuntosäätiö.

Limitation of risk

Asuntosäätiö’s website is provided without obligation and on an “as is” basis. Asuntosäätiö is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information presented on the site or reached through it. Asuntosäätiö does not guarantee the uninterrupted or faultless operation of its website or its availability. Asuntosäätiö is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss of profit or business interruption caused by a service offered on its website, by service interruption or by erroneous information on the website, even if it had been notified of the possibility of such damage. The plans of the apartments provided on the site are illustrative only, and are not to scale. Asuntosäätiö reserves the right to change the information and apartment prices on its website.

The website may contain links to websites and services owned or maintained by third parties (e.g., map service). Such links are services that have simply been made accessible to the users, and Asuntosäätiö is not responsible for the sites or their services, nor of the site content or the accuracy of the content, or of the legality of the collection of personal data on the sites. When moving to such sites, the user must read and accept any terms of use for the site before using it.


Asuntosäätiö uses temporary cookies on its site to collect information about the user’s device. A cookie is a small file that is placed on the user’s computer to enable the online service to maintain the session during the visit.

The use of cookies enables many different services to be improved and any advertising to be better targeted. Cookies do not identify individual users nor are identifiable personal data extracted from them.

The Asuntosäätiö website also uses cookies to analyse website use and carry out anonymous user profiling.

Asuntosäätiö does not store cookies permanently. Cookies related to the functionality of applications are stored for a maximum of seven days. In other words, terminating the session or closing the browser does not delete cookies. If a user does not complete their application, the user’s information is stored in the cookies for seven days so that the user does not need to start all over again. When the user submits the application, the cookies related to the application information are deleted from the device. If the user clears all the information from the application, this will also delete the cookies. The user can block cookies in the browser settings, but this may hinder or prevent the use of the site.

Submitting material

By submitting material to Asuntosäätiö (information, feedback, images, questions etc.) for example by email or via the website, the user accepts and confirms that they have the right to submit the material to Asuntosäätiö and that Asuntosäätiö has the right to freely use the material without separate compensation to the sender or a third party. The user also confirms that the material is not illegal, does not violate good practice and is not in any other way unfit for publication. In addition, the user confirms that they have taken reasonable measures to identify and remove any viruses or other harmful or destructive properties in the material before submitting it. The user accepts that Asuntosäätiö has full right to freely use and hand over the material as well as any ideas, concepts, competence and technology revealed in the material for the purpose it chooses.

Asuntosäätiö is not responsible for the content of material submitted by the website users. Asuntosäätiö may, at its discretion, remove the material submitted by users from its pages at any time.

Terms of use of Kotikulma extranet

These terms of use of Kotikulma apply to the use of the extranet for residents maintained by Asuntosäätiö and the services it contains at