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Asuntosäätiö is one of the largest domestic owners of residential property in Finland, and a developer of both the construction sector and housing. We offer around 18,000 homes in over 30 Finnish municipalities. Our apartments are home to some 35,000 people.

About us

Most of our apartments are right-of-occupancy homes, but we also offer rental and owner-occupied homes. Every year, we begin construction projects on approxiately 400 new homes.

Established in 1951, Asuntosäätiö wants to offer the best living options for different stages of life. We develop housing as well as safe, sustainable and reasonably priced living environments in cooperation with the residents, cities, towns and other cooperation partners.

We believe that everyone is entitled to a happy home and quality housing. Being a non-profit organisation we do not seek immediate profit or financial benefit. We use the assets gained from our operations to develop our real estate and construct new housing stock.

The cornerstones of Asuntosäätiö’s strategy:

  • We develop the best customer experience. High-quality and versatile homes for safe living. Services and smooth customer experience based on customer understanding.
  • We act and influence responsibly. Active promotion of affordable and sustainable housing. Manners and practices of a responsible employer, partnership and business.
  • We build functional housing in city centers. Sustainable neighborhoods and comfortable living environments in growing cities. Homes suitable for different stages of life and their timely repair work.
  • We ensure affordability through competitive operations. Operational efficiency and smooth cooperation with partner networks. Durable pillars of the economy and competitiveness based on price-quality ratio.

The values of Asuntosäätiö


The commonly-good nature of our our operations creates the basis for our meaningful and responsible work. We are committed to a common vision, and we understand that the work of each of us affects our success. We cherish uncomplicated cooperation and meet each other as equals.


Curiosity and openness guide us in a rapidly changing world. We want to learn as both an organization and as individuals. We boldly try new things to develop housing. Together we succeed and make mistakes, always learning encouragingly.

Customer orientation

We want to create and maintain a high-quality customer experience every day. We listen, and we think about the customer’s best interests. We are easily approachable and we get to work by actively solving even challenging situations. We are always reliable in any situation.

Genuinely common-good activities