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The advantages of right-of-occupancy

Why choose a right-of-occupancy home?

Right of occupancy combines the flexibility of rental homes and the permanence of owner-occupied homes. A right-of-occupancy home is an easy and safe form of living which adapts to your life situation. Asuntosäätiö offers homes all around Finland and for every taste – from apartment buildings to terraced houses and semi-detached houses.

The advantages of right-of-occupancy

Reasonably priced form of living

The purchase price of a right-of-occupancy home is reasonable, and the living expenses are predictable. The monthly residence charge is lower than the market-based rent in the same area. Choosing a right-of-occupancy home leaves you more money for living.

Permanent home

You can stay in the home for as long as you want.

Risk-free investment

No big mortgage or worries about selling your home. The right-of-occupancy payment will be returned to you if you decide to give up the apartment.

Adapts to your life situation

You can give up your right-of-occupancy home on three months’ notice. If required, you can temporarily rent out your home for a maximum of two years, assign it to a family member or leave it as inheritance.

Convenient for residents

Asuntosäätiö takes care of maintenance of the apartments. Should a household appliance break down, we will replace it with a new one.

Services and benefits

We offer our residents additional services and customer benefits that increase the comfort of living and brighten up your leisure time. We offer our long-term residents various benefits from which to choose.

”Everything is safe and easy in a right-of-occupancy home.”

Stephen Lowe, 81, lives in Vantaa in a terraced house, where he most enjoys the good connections to a public swimming pool, shops and the world. Lowe used to live in a detached house, but he enjoys the peace and quiet of his current neighbourhood and the ease of living in a right-of-occupancy home.

First home for a young person – Why choose right-of-occupancy housing?

A right-of-occupancy apartment is a sensible choice for a young person’s first apartment, for example. There is no need to get a large mortgage for the home, and the residence charge is always lower than the rent for a similar rental apartment.

A new home for over 55-year-olds – Why move into a right-of-occupancy apartment?

A right-of-occupancy apartment is a safe and financially risk-free home for persons aged 55 and over. The asset limit does not affect the acquisition, unlike for younger people.