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Information for right-of-occupancy residents

On these pages you will find information about benefits, maintenance and reform renovations of the right-of-occupancy homes. Also check out the benefits for the residents.

Residence charges

As a resident of a right-of-occupancy home, you pay a monthly residence charge that consists of a basic and communal charge.

Maintenance and renovations

Property managers and maintenance companies are responsible for the maintenance of your house and yard. Familiarize yourself with resident’s home and yard tasks, as well as the instructions for alterations and renovations.


We carry out large-scale renovations on right-of-occupancy homes aged 30 years or so. After the renovations, the apartments will be almost like new.

Report a fault in your apartment

Call our service number to report a fault in your right-of-occupancy apartment. Our service number is available 24/7.

telephone: +358 94246 9333

Contact details of your house

Do you have a question about the payments or need to contact your property manager?

Changing your apartment

Are you considering a home exchange? Residents of right-of-occupancy homes can exchange apartments with one another. You can find a suitable exchange partner in our apartment exchange service. You can also exchange apartments within the same right-of-occupancy house.


Rewards for long-term residents

We offer our long-term residents various benefits as a thanks for a long-term tenancy.

Customer benefits

As a resident of Asuntosäätiö, you receive several additional services and customer benefits.


Kotikulma is an electronic communication channel for our right-of-occupancy residents. In Kotikulma you can file a fault report, apply for a permission to renovate your home and read the news considering your home. Kotikulma is only in Finnish.

Contact us

Asuntosäätiö's service number

+358 94246 9333

You can contact us in all matters related to housing and applying for an apartment on weekdays from 9 am to 1 pm. In matters related to fault reports, you can contact us 24/7.