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How to apply for a rental home?

Applying for a rental home from Asuntosäätiö

Asuntosäätiö offers rental homes of different sizes in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tuusula and Siuntio. A rental home is a flexible form of housing for different life situations, and in the best case, you can secure yourself a home the very same day.

Some of Asuntosäätiö’s rental homes have asset or income limits, while others are non-subsidised. The rental homes to which income or asset limits apply are marked in our apartment search.

Resident selection for Asuntosäätiö’s rental homes

In the case of apartments with an asset limit, the selection of residents is based on a needs assessment and the applicant’s assets. Needs assessment means taking the applicant’s assets and need for a home into account in the selection process. Those with an urgent need for a home and who have the smallest assets and the lowest income are given priority.

In the case of rental homes with an income limit, the selection of residents is based on the applicant’s income. Read more about income and asset limits

Since non-subsidised rental homes do not have asset limits, they are ideally suited to all applicants.

How to apply for a rental home from Asuntosäätiö

  1. Browse our rental apartments in the apartment search.
  2. Add suitable rental homes to your application. You can include either one or several apartments in your application. Your application for a rental home is valid for three months.
  3. If the rental home you have applied for is available or about to become available, we will send you an offer and agree on a showing with you.
  4. Notify us as soon as possible whether you want to accept or decline the offer.
  5. You can sign the rental agreement electronically or at Asuntosäätiö’s Tapiola office in Espoo.