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Home has a significant impact on the happiness of Finns


For the third time, Asuntosäätiö’s Happiness at Home survey investigated Finns’ state of happiness and the importance of the home. According to the survey, home has the greatest impact on the happiness of Finns, alongside health and relationships.

According to the results, home is directly connected to happiness. Home was brought up as the second most important source of happiness, right after health. The study shows that the third most happiness increasing factors include spouse/partner, financial situation, friends and children or grandchildren.

Home and happiness – what do the happiness consist of?

When it comes to home and the feel of happiness at home, the study shows that a safe location and one’s own space and peace increase happiness the most. These were even placed above live-in partners. The size and functionality of the home are also important factors that increase happiness.

More than half of Finns are worried about rising housing costs

According to our research, 54% of Finns are worried about rising housing costs. The general rise in housing costs worries Finns aged 35–44 the most (63%). Approximately a third (31%) of Finns are worried about the effect of the rise in interest rates on the everyday life and costs of housing. The effects of rising interest rates worry the 25–34-year-olds the most (45%).

Those who visit more often find themselves happier

According to our survey, Finns visit a friend, acquaintance, neighbor or relative an average of 25 times a year, i.e. almost every two weeks. Every fourth Finn (24%) says that they go for a visit even more enthusiastically, i.e. at least once a week.

Those who visit more often feel happier than those who go for a visit less. According to our research, the general happiness index of Finns is 4.9 (on a scale of 1–7), while for those who visit at least once a week or more often, the experience of happiness quickly rises above five.

We will publish more 2023 research results in autumn 2023.