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Product offers and special prices from Gigantti

  • Changing product offers
  • Moving packages for residents (small household appliances)
  • 50% off all transport and installation services for regularly priced products (*
  • Transport and installation for the requested day
  • 5-year guarantee on all TVs for €99 (regular €149) and calibration -40%
  • You can also add any other products from Gigantti’s range to your customer benefit order

*) Does not apply to Tuoteturva product insurance, the Gigantti Extend extended insurance for TVs or cloud services.

To make use of Gigantti’s customer benefits, please place your order by email at The benefits are not available in Gigantti shops. When contacting Gigantti, indicate your product and service needs and when you need the products. Gigantti can deliver your chosen home electronics and household appliances at the same time, on the day of your move, for example. Don’t hesitate to contact Gigantti if you need any further information about their services or other products. If you wish, Gigantti can tailor an offer to match your needs. Gigantti’s staff will help you choose the best products for your needs. You will receive an offer by email and if you accept the offer, an advance invoice to your home address.