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Benefits from Lumon

Balcony glazing from Lumon for a special price

Lumon balcony glazing extends the balcony season

Early in the spring and late in the autumn, it may occur to you that if your balcony was glazed you could use it for a longer period of time during the year and it would make more space to your home. Glazing protects your balcony from summer rain as well as winter wind and makes it easier to clean the balcony after heavy snowfall.

Lumon offers balcony glazing for a special annual contract price negotiated with Asuntosäätiö if you purchase glazing for your own home. The final price will be based on the size of glazing, and if the entire building opts for glazing, the benefit will be even bigger.

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Sun shades

Lumon sun shades are a good solution for keeping out the heat and creating intimacy to your balcony or terrace. The sun shades are designed to work with the high-quality Lumon balcony glazing.

Maintenance of balcony glazing

Lumon balcony glazing is designed to last. But even the best products need maintenance and readjustment occasionally. Lumon offers an easy way to maintain and adjust your balcony glazing.

Maintaining your balcony glazing adds safety and comfortable years to your balcony.