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Exchanging right-of-occupancy homes

Residents of right-of-occupancy homes can exchange apartments with one another. Use our apartment exchange service to find a suitable exchange partner. All residents of right-of-occupancy homes can post announcements in the service. The announcement will be displayed on our pages for three months, after which it will be automatically removed. It can also be removed from the link on the e-mail you will receive after publishing the announcement.

It is also possible to exchange right-of-occupancy homes between different right-of-occupancy companies and from one municipality to another. If you have not found an exchange partner, you will need a new queue number to change homes. 

Please remember that the apartments are sold in the condition they are in at the time of exchange. We always charge a security deposit equivalent to two months’ residence charge from the exchange partners.

How to proceed once I have found an exchange partner

  1. Submit the signed exchange form to us. We will remove your exchange announcement from our pages to ensure you are not contacted unnecessarily. You can find the exchange form in Kotikulma (in Finnish only)
  2. It takes Asuntosäätiö approximately two months to prepare the exchange.
  3. Before the move, both parties sign a new right-of-occupancy contract.
  4. If you have pledged your right-of-occupancy agreement to the bank as collateral for the loan, please notify your bank before signing the right-of-occupancy contract.

Further information about exchanging right-of-occupancy homes can be found in Kotikulma (in Finnish only).

Contact details:

If you need help with posting an announcement, please send us an email to

The person in charge of sales of the building complex can provide assistance in questions related to home exchange. See the contact details of your own home building in Asuntosäätiö.

Exchanging right-of-occupancy homes within the same right-of-occupancy house

With the reform of The Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act, exchanging right-of-occupancy home within the same right-of-occupancy house becomes easier. From September 1st, 2023, the holder of right-of-occupancy will have a priority in the housing search, when an apartment becomes available in the same location.

If you are interested in an apartment within the same house, complete an application in our online service and fill in that you already have the right-of-occupancy in the same house.

If there are several applicants from the same house, the applicant with the oldest right of occupancy contract will be selected. If the contracts are signed on the same day, the recipient of the apartment will be decided based on the queue number. Right-of-occupancy applications within the same right-of-occupancy house are valid for two years.