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AsumisPLUS – group accident insurance

AsumisPLUS adds security

Buildings fully owned by Asuntosäätiö offer residents a free AsumisPLUS group insurance, which covers accidents that happen on the housing company’s premises.

The insurance helps if housing is interrupted for example due to water damage to the housing company. The insurance covers the renewal of locks due to a lost key and any injury if you slip and fall in the yard. In addition to this, the insurance covers spectacles, hearing aids, safety helmets or dentures broken in the event of an accident.

All residents are insured, and guests of residents are also insured for accident treatment costs.

What to do in the event of an accident?

Fill out AIG’s claim notification online. Mention insurance numbers 102-3601, 119-4842.

You can also download a claim notification form (in Finnish), and send it to AIG either by email to or by letter to AIG Europe Limited (Finland), ID 5008951, 00003 VASTAUSLÄHETYS (the postage has been paid for you).

Damage will be handled by AIG, so please contact AIG’s compensation service directly for any questions regarding the handling (tel. 0203 03456 or