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Accommodation in Vierumäki

-15 % discount on accommodation reservations in Vierumäki

Vierumäki Sports Oy provides Asuntosäätiö’s residents with a 15 % discount on the price of the day for hotel reservations at Hotel Fennada and Country Club. Make a reservation at the Vierumäki online store and redeem the benefit by entering the code ASUNTOSAATIO15 in the code field.

Vierumäki offers summer discount on accommodation reservations for Asuntosäätiö residents

Vierumäki offers Asuntosäätiö residents a summer discount for accommodation reservations. With the code ASUNTOSÄTIÖ30, you get a -30% discount on the day’s accommodation bookings in Vierumäki’s online store. The discount is valid until August 31, 2024.