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Maintenance and shared responsibilities table of rental homes

We want to keep our apartments in good condition and ensure as carefree living as possible in them. Building management and maintenance see to the upkeep of the building and premises. The residents are responsible for some of the maintenance tasks at home, such as changing light bulbs and cleaning the floor drain.

Building management and maintenance are responsible for the maintenance of your house and yard

Our technical property managers handle the regular inspections of rental homes and plan any required repairs. They also prepare long-term repair plans for the property. 

The maintenance company sees to the safety and cleanliness of the building and its premises. They also help you if, for example, you have a leaking faucet, your heater needs to be checked or you have forgotten your key inside the apartment.   

Submit a fault report to our service number + 358 94246 9333 if you need repairs in the apartment. Our service number is available 24/7 and there is no service charge for the call.

Home maintenance tasks the residents are responsible of

We ensure that our rental homes are regularly maintained. The residents are also responsible for taking good care of their homes so that the apartments remain in good condition. You can check the shared responsibilities table to see which household maintenance tasks are your responsibility and which of them are Asuntosäätiö’s responsibility.

Asuntosäätiö is responsible for radiator bleeding, opening blocked drains and repairing faucets and refrigerators, for instance. Among other tasks, as a resident you are respobile for:

  • replacing light bulbs
  • emptying and cleaning floor drains
  • servicing of your own equipment, such as a washing machine.

For new residents

Are you about to move in? Check out our most important instructions for new residents.

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Asuntosäätiö's service number

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You can contact us in all matters related to housing and applying for an apartment on weekdays from 9 am to 1 pm. In matters related to fault reports, you can contact us 24/7.

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