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How to apply for an apartment

1.     Choose the housing type

First, choose whether you would like to apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment or a rental apartment. Asuntosäätiö has right-of-occupancy apartments in over 30 localities in Finland and rental apartments in Espoo, Helsinki, Siuntio, Vantaa and Tuusula. Occasionally, there are also owner-occupied apartments for sale.

If you are applying for a right-of-occupancy apartment, we recommend that you apply for a queue number before filling in the application.

2.     Search for apartments

Search for apartments by city, district, zip code or street address. You can narrow your search by, for example, the size of the apartment, the type of building or the number of rooms.

3.     Add the preferred apartments to your application

If you wish, you can arrange the search results based on the size or price of the apartment. In the search results, you can see both the available apartments and the buildings corresponding to your search results that do not currently have any available apartments.

On the building page, you can review all of the apartments in that building and add all of the apartments of a specific type (for example, all two-bedroom apartments) to your application, or select only specific apartments (this is possible in right-of-occupancy homes only). We also recommend adding apartments that are not currently available to the application. You will then be included in the application process when the apartments become available.

You can apply for an apartment in a maximum of ten locations. If you are applying for an apartment in a newly constructed building, you can choose up to five apartments from the building in question.

4.     Complete and submit your application

Check that your application has all the apartments you want and fill in all the required information.

If you are applying for a right-of-occupancy apartment, remember to add a queue number to the application. You can fill in the application without a queue number and add the number later by editing the application. Please note that, without a queue number, we cannot offer you an apartment.

If you are applying for a rental home to which an income or asset limit is applied, please include your income information in the application. Learn more more about income and asset limits.

After checking the accuracy of the information, submit the application. You will then receive an email with a summary of your application. Applications for right-of-occupancy apartments with queue number from the town or municipality remains in force until 31st December 2023. Applications for rental apartments are valid for 3 months.

You will receive an offer from us if the apartment you have applied for is or is about to become available. If the number of applicants for right-of-occupancy apartments is very large, we will offer the apartment to those with the lowest queue numbers.

You can edit your previously submitted right-of-occupancy application by adding a queue number and adding or removing apartments. If you want to add new locations to your application, please complete a new separate application. Go to application editing.

Applications for rental apartments cannot be edited or renewed.