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Customer benefits

Explore our customer benefits for home, leisure time and moving.

Customer benefits for home and cozy living:

Storage space from Cityvarasto

As Asuntosäätiö’s resident, you receive a 20 % discount on normal prices of Cityvarasto. The benefit is valid at all locations of Cityvarasto. Please note that you can have only one discounted storage space at a time.

You can redeem the benefit with the code ASO2024. The benefit can not be combined with other campaigns of Cityvarasto.

Digital Dogsitter service

Digital Dogsitter is an online application that helps you monitor how your dog is doing at home. The application is based on your dog’s sounds and location being monitored during your absence. The service also allows the owner to record sound and play voice feedback to the dog. Read more about the service at

Benefit to Asuntosäätiö residents:

As a resident of Asuntosäätiö, you get 20% off the service price for a subscription period over one year (12 months) if you place your order before the end of 2024 using the code ASUNTOSAATIO24. After a subscription period of 12 months, the service will be charged at the regular price. 

Product offers and special prices from Gigantti

Customer benefits from Gigantti:

  • Changing product offers
  • Moving packages for residents (small household appliances)
  • 50% off all transport and installation services for regularly priced products (*
  • Transport and installation for the requested day
  • 5-year guarantee on all TVs for €99 (regular €149) and calibration -40%
  • You can also add any other products from Gigantti’s range to your customer benefit order

*) Does not apply to Tuoteturva product insurance, the Gigantti Extend extended insurance for TVs or cloud services.

To make use of Gigantti’s customer benefits, please place your order by email at The benefits are not available in Gigantti shops. When contacting Gigantti, indicate your product and service needs and when you need the products. Gigantti can deliver your chosen home electronics and household appliances at the same time, on the day of your move, for example. Don’t hesitate to contact Gigantti if you need any further information about their services or other products. If you wish, Gigantti can tailor an offer to match your needs. Gigantti’s staff will help you choose the best products for your needs. You will receive an offer by email and if you accept the offer, an advance invoice to your home address.

Interior design benefits from K-Rauta Vantaanportti

K-Rauta Vantaanportti wants to help you feel good at home and successfully renovate your home. The benefits for Asuntosäätiö’s residents are:

  • Indoor lighting -15%
  • Wallpaper -20%
  • Ready-made curtains -15%
  • Design rugs -10%
  • Elfa storage systems at a 20% discount from regular prices

The discount will be calculated from regular prices. The benefits cannot be combined with other offers. To get the discount, present your Asuntosäätiö customer benefit card to the salesperson at customer service.

You can visit the store at Silvastintie 2, 01510 Vantaa. Contact details: tel. +358 9 825 550, The store is open Mon–Fri from 7 am to 9 pm, Sat from 9 am to 6 pm and Sun from 10 am to 6 pm.

Make everyday life easier with ONNI home cleaning

From ONNI Home Cleaning you can get regular and one-time home cleaning in the Helsinki metropolitan area flexibly according to your own needs. Their reliable and regular cleaners make your daily life easier. Through ONNI Home Cleaning you can also get window washes and moving cleaners.

Discount price for a regular home cleaning is €43,31 per hour (normally €45.90), minimum time two hours.

You can contact the ONNI Home Cleaning via the Contact Us form on their website. Mention that you are a resident of Asuntosäätiö in the additional information.

Vertaa Ensin helps you with finding an electricity contract

Vertaa Ensin offers Asuntosäätiö residents the best electricity contracts in Finland. We always compare electricity contracts for you free of charge and with your own criteria – you can choose the contract type and electricity production method that suits you. We also offer exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Balcony glazing from Lumon

Early in the spring and late in the autumn, it may occur to you that if your balcony was glazed you could use it for a longer period of time during the year and it would make more space to your home. Glazing protects your balcony from summer rain as well as winter wind and makes it easier to clean the balcony after heavy snowfall. Lumon balcony glazing extends the balcony season.

Lumon offers balcony glazing for a special annual contract price negotiated with Asuntosäätiö if you purchase glazing for your own home. The final price will be based on the size of glazing, and if the entire building opts for glazing, the benefit will be even bigger.

Send an offer request by email:

Sun shades

Lumon sun shades are a good solution for keeping out the heat and creating intimacy to your balcony or terrace. The sun shades are designed to work with the high-quality Lumon balcony glazing.

Maintenance of balcony glazing

Lumon balcony glazing is designed to last. But even the best products need maintenance and readjustment occasionally. Lumon offers an easy way to maintain and adjust your balcony glazing.

Maintaining your balcony glazing adds safety and comfortable years to your balcony.

Balcony blinds from Suomen Parvekekaihdin Oy

As a customer benefit, Suomen Parvekekaihdin Oy offers balcony blinds at a pre-negotiated preferential price and with an extended warranty.

Suomen Parvekekaihdin Oy is a company focused on sun and vision protection for glazed balconies and terraces. We offer blind solutions for all balcony glass models. Our comprehensive selection includes e.g. blinds, roller blinds and roller blinds.

In addition to affordable prices and an extended warranty, we also offer a free design and measurement service to Asuntosäätiö residents.

DTM Ltd Nykykaihdin offers blinds, balcony blinds and sliding doors at a special price

TM Ltd Nykykaihdin offers high-quality products that improve living comfort. You can choose the measurement and installation service or pick up the products from their shop.

The range includes venetian blinds, balcony blinds, mirrored sliding doors, wooden folding doors and picture hanging rails. Quality for your home – easily!

Use the code ASUNTOSÄÄTIÖ and make use of the offer (in Finnish):

Have a closer look at products at their shop on Aleksis Kiven katu 4-8 00500 Helsinki.

For more information:
DTM Ltd Nykykaihdin
Laura Utula, +358 9 879 8775, (in Finnish)

Customer benefits for leisure time:

Accommodation in Vierumäki

Vierumäki Sports Oy provides Asuntosäätiö’s residents with a 15 % discount on the price of the day for hotel reservations at Hotel Fennada and Country Club. Make a reservation at the Vierumäki online store and redeem the benefit by entering the code ASUNTOSAATIO15 in the code field.

Vierumäki offers summer discount on accommodation reservations for Asuntosäätiö residents

Vierumäki offers Asuntosäätiö residents a summer discount for accommodation reservations. With the code ASUNTOSÄTIÖ30, you get a -30% discount on the day’s accommodation bookings in Vierumäki’s online store. The discount is valid until August 31, 2024.

Viking Line cruises

If everyday life feels a bit dull or you feel like you need a little vacation, make use of the cruise benefits offered by Viking Line for the residents of Asuntosäätiö! You can also book better equipped cabins at really low prices for popular weekend cruises.

E-books and audiobooks from Nextory

Nextory’s benefits to Asuntosäätiö residents:

  • 6 weeks for free for new customers. Redeem the benefit (in Finnish).
  • 50 % discount for a period of 3 months, if you have been Nextory’s customer before. Redeem the benefit (in Finnish).

Customer benefits for moving:

Lainalaatikko offers help for moving

Changes are part of our lives, and sometimes there’s a need to move to another home.

Lainalaatikko Ltd offers help for moving house yourself. The company offers Asuntosäätiö’s residents a 20% discount on rental and purchase prices of moving accessories and a 10% discount on car rentals in the Greater Helsinki Area.

Lainalaatikko has service outlets in 18 localities around Finland. If you would like to get an offer on moving services, contact the company by email at Don’t forget to mention that you are an Asuntosäätiö resident.

Moving boxes from Opiskelijamuutot

As a resident of Asuntosäätiö you can get 10 quality cardboard boxes when you use the moving service provided by Opiskelijamuutot.

Redeem the benefit by calling Cityvarasto’s customer service, tel. 029 1234 700. You can make an appointment for retrieving the boxes in the same call. You can collect the boxes from Cityvarasto located in Vantaa Kaivoksela.

Go to and book your moving service.

Make moving easy with delivery van by PakuOvelle

PakuOvelle offers a 10 euro discount for Asuntosäätiö’s residents when you rent a delivery van. Redeem the benefit by calling customer service, tel. 029 1234 700.